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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 12, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EST

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>> it was down to the wire game about to be decided by the outcome of that kick. that is why he was so concerned whether it was appropriate. >> and wikileaks got that -- [ laughter ] >> that is how he got it. >> that is a wrap on news watch. i want to thank our panel lift. i'm jon scott. keep it here on fox news channel. we'll see you again next week for another edition of fox news welcome to red eye. it's like cagney and lacey. let's go to the pregame report what. is coming up on tonight's show? >> tonight, british students take to the streets to protest tripling of the tuition fees
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sm. say students are spoil brats. a fair, balanced debate is coming up. and finally, facebook founder pledges to give most of his wealth to charity. straight ahead. >> and you are not welcome, greg. >> no need to be spite oofl go away. >> let's welcome our guests. okay. greg. stop shouting. i'm here with jill dobson she's a bomb shall z a writer and social media strategist or sms for short so sweet sugar gets a rush. and our side kick, thinks disappointment with older men named chad. and a voice of reason for any political season. pat cadel. and if political savvy were eggs he's be fried up. are you? >> yes. >> awesome.
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>> and right wing hater, our "new york times" correspondent g to see you again. >> and this is an extravaganza that is traditional eggnog. for me it's easy on wine and don't spare the spritzer, having fun! >> i thought you hated christmas. >> well, it's not an official holiday, greg. >> okay. >> and the log is good. i like the log. >> okay. >> to the gregga log. a game. and big news in 2010 came from princeton, new jersey. students voted on expanding the hummus offerings. yes. hummus. the committee wanted to sell more than one brand.
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they claim the one offered sabra is owned by a business that supports the israeli military, we can agree since jews are bad, jewish military is really bad z fun part that may make your eyes explode. it's called a group of really men and women who gt goth into action in order to get the poor clerk to remove the hummus. you may want to have the children leave the room. ♪ [ music ] .
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♪ [ music ] . >> oh, my god. is every okay? does anyone need a bucket? i haven't seen anything that hairy since they drained the pool at the play boy mansion. it had to be done. you need to be reminded how foolish students can be but how entertaining this is. provided you aren't close enough to smell their unshaven pits. the gist in these students misguided brains hummus is worse than hamas. i only hope the i had yots did
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a clip with more than matched by sheer embarrassment of their parents. if these are your off spring please stop paying their tus yigs and force them to fend for themselves. my guess is that any hummus will start looking good if this is all they can afford. and if you're a hummus-a-phobe. jill heart? last part is awesome. >> very yet to have heard one but i'm inspired. these kids did it to, you know make a strong case. i love it's all about the chick pea. if we knew a bean would cause a world war. i thought it would be the lentil. >> i thought it would be the lentil. >> only these students would rail against a spread, instead of, say, terror. >> this is not owned by an
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israeli company. it's owned by pepsi. the food could be more -- but let me just say sh they can't get a better looking crew out to do this, something is wrong at princeton. it doesn't move me it was, maybe the best they got. >> other students voted it down oo. yes. yes. >> i know. and could that -- do you have tips for that choreography? >> well, i felt like we needed hammer time. and i was interested in it. i thought attending school they're passionate about something other than an x box. >> i'd rather have them be excited over an x box than that. sorry f those people came into my place of business, the fire extinguishors have been out. boy have hosed them down and let loose rottweilers and done everything possible. >> and if college girls were dancing you'd spray them with
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water? >> yes. >> and bill... >> and i'm only 17 you looked did you see a few tour mr. shults out there? i thought it was a mr. shults but it was a mrs. . i think the difference between female palestinian pro testers and pal stein and female palestinian pro testers in princeton is that princeton is out. this is a valuable lesson at princeton now. those girls not much to look at don't need to buy them dinner. nothing better to do, greg. >> can i just show you singing continued well after their protest? outside, even. ♪ [ music ] i want everybodying this, i want everybody to eat more hummus. buy that hummus. >> it's delicious. >> i can't remember the name
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of it. >> sbra. >> go out and buy cases of it and smear it over your body. support the israeli military. all right. it's anarchy yes. young brits are miffed and even charles is getting snarled. students protesting outside of parliament after lawmakers approved a controversial plan to triple university tuition fees. they heard results of the vote raises tuition to 14,000s frdz almost $5,000 many reportedly bood and chanted "shame". oh, deer. elsewhere, students engaged in what police call extreme violence, throwing flares and paint bombs and kittens. yes, kittens. dreadful so. bad, pro testers attacked a car carrying prince charles and a horse. for more on this situation we go live to double dream handsman what. say you?
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ddhm? first, both hands. up, punch across. stay down. shoulder, chin. shoulder. and tap... double dream hands and thumbs to yourself. >> he captures the ring with his hands. >> we know who choreographed the dance we saw. >> isn't this what happened when there is too many entitlements and nobody to pay for it? this is what happens. >> and there is a whole ponzy scheme collapses. sorry. very to say something. prince charles, my god, he's so unpopular anyway. plus, the horse. do you know what i mean? of all people not to go into a
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demonstration. terrible idea. >> can we show tape of what happened real quick? okay. look at him. can you hear me? can i talk? okay. here is the thing. don't they have underground tunnels for this? >> yes. >> he's their royalty. he's a royalty. he's, like -- how does he get caught in this stuff? i know how to get through london. >> that is like asking if there are underground tunnels in the united states. >> the prime minister? maybe. soviets for donald trump? >> this is making me sea sick. hear is -- here is my point. isn't college overrated for brits? who only sound like they're educated? they've got those accents. college thing is unnisry it s now, with the internet you can photo shop that diploma. you can figure out anything you need to pretend you know in one google search. >> wikipedia is better than
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four years at berkeley. everything i need i get. do students have a right to be mad? or is it time they got their butts kicked a little? >> i'm glad they're upset over something i can understand. i can understand if you love college and find out you may might not be able to go, my three and a half years were awesome. boy have been upset if you lost the opportunity to go there. >> you're wrong about college. you don't go to college to study. you go to socialize and become socialized and where else could you learn to dance like we saw earlier? hold on. maybe at harvard it's one keger after another but at troy, they study hard. their nose never in a bar. always in a book. >> and and i don't know.
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i think they're going to go to understand the world of student loan debt. it's going to be highly expensive, everybody is going to o well. money. you don't have to go. the people that the academics that are there, they suck. they're weirdoes except for people that are there, obviously. i think it's time for a new segment. red eye's where are they now. you may remember this video. ♪ [ music ] . >> so that happened four years ago. it makes us wonder where are they now? la toya turned to cat nip.
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his father fathered three kittens, dana descended into drug addiction. she speaks to troubled pets through a nonprofit started in 2009. and finally jordan, reported a hit single about the event and now writes songs for linkin park. this has been a "red eye" where are they now? >> great to see george got his act together. >> i'm just happy they're doing well. >> and this is good charity work. >> and jordan used to be a no charity case. now, he's helping others. >> i like jordan doesn't include bio autos from hair balls, didn't think smoking could get deadlier? you don't think at all, do you? stupid little jerk, do you is in the latest surgeon general's report claims one
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puff can kill you dead. long term camel kissing can, the study warns a social smoke can trigger a heart in tak in someone whose arteries are already clogged. well, why bother questioning that not alarmist and not vague clinical fact? says our psychotic surgeon general. quote that one puff could be one that causes your heart attack. i advice people to try to avoid being around smoking anyway that you can. there you go. now, we know scientists are punching america. do they punk each other to too? >> i guess they do.
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>> what if the surgeon general is somehow right? what a f.a single smoke can kill you? let's go to the worthy road tester i can think of? trying out this one theory. >> you're cool. do you want to have sex? >> yes. >> that wasn't much of a teeft work efrz time. the problem men die of? too much sex. >> yes. you look cool. >> it's true. people die of love. >> and am i the only nonsmokier on the panel? it says you're supposed to avoid smoke meaning you have to not go in or out of any building ever. and there is people outside. >> and unless you work in los angeles.
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and this is going outside like two and a half packs of cigarettes. >> i don't hear them doing anything about stopping that. but one cigarette, you're gone. >> and look. yeah. i mean, we'd all be dead. this is crazy. >> we all know, i know you're mad at me. smoking is bad. we get it. and haven't they learned it doesn't work? when you makeup crap people don't buy it. >> it's what i say when they come down on french fries. i just keep packing on smokers. >> i might hate smokers but i like to make out with them. >> really? that is another fact.
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>> yes. and yes. yes. >> and hi. hi. >> that is -- he smoked a pipe. >> too late now. >> yes. it is too late. it's too late. >> it's all about terrifying everyone to the point nobody believes any of this. >> yes. no one believes it. first of all every kid in america having heard this is immediately like i live on the edge. >> and also, the big red light here is someone already with coronary damage, once they're dead you run across the street you die. you sit and stair at the computer you die because of coronary damage you take a knife and put it in your eye, you die. don't do that to me. >> i won't. coming up, billy crystal is dead. tired of banking fees? aren't we all.
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but first... should you get christmas gifts for pets? by pets, do you mean house boys? i give them some every year. they're called welts. -- welts.
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so tom n >> so portland oregon being targeted by a terrorist. how could he bomb portland? after the cliched warning to not rush to judgment saying and i quote wro y.would portland be a site of a terrorist attack? they seem to utterly different from new york, mum buy, london
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or other places one associates with terrorist attacks. it's a laid back city where rhetoric around terrorism and the like runs cooler. so, because portland is a left wing haven with flyers terrorists should skip us and focus on great boring city without great organic cafes? and since portlanders find red meat topics unseemly our enemies should dig us. we love mill moiers and probably love to dance. ♪ [ music ] . >> oh, dear, goodness, it's
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dumb to think your behavior is at the root of other peoples actions. these jack nuts don't get you represent everything terrorists hate. terrorists have more respect than the rhetoric of dick cheney and closing your eyes to islamic jihadist is why they may come for you firgs. you're annoying. >> and okay. i want to make a point. portland oregon is not the peoples republic of oregon. it's berkly. it was for berkeley not portland. >> yes. and they're veting to honor the wikileaks guy to honor him
12:24 am
as a hero. and in portland if jihadist extremists win, they'll go after christian right first. at least their people believe in the book. these are people who don't believe in god whork believe in secularism and believe in gay marriage. they're going to line them up. >> exactly. exactly. >> yes. that and aren't laid back people just intellectually lazy and coward sfli. >> let's see who else i can offend? >> and that includes -- . >> please tell me you don't make out with laid back people. >> i like people doing cart wheels and grocery
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stopping -- shopping in their under wear. portland, i think it's a crummy thing. >> jill, doesn't he seem disappointed their city was targeted? >> yes. i can kind of understand that part. i can understand being terrorists won't come after us. i grew up where you never locked your doors unless you saw someone like bill walking down the street. then, you'd run. >> why? why? >> only naem locked doors were bill's parents when he was out. >> yes. >> they kept trying to pawn me off to neighbors. >> it's sad. >> you're a terrorist. >> the neighbors greg and scott raised me right. they did. wung thing i hated does the first thought like mine, portland? really? i hailt -- hate this really thing. >> he she's quoting someone
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ace facebook status. i'm tired of people ending their statements with really? >> really, greg? >> yes. >> really? >> yes. >> really? >> yes. >> just saying. >> just saying. >> at the end of the day... at the end of the day, you suck. and leave a voice mail. still to come, the half time report from andy levy. real gee? andy? really? >> it is sponsored byag >> today's half time report is spoinsored by jaguar. thanks, jaguars. if your racing thoughts keep you awake...
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to find out more. welcome back. welcome back. let's find out if you've got anything wrong so far. andy? how sit hang something. >> really greg? how sit hang something. >> yes. what's up with that? at the end of the day, i've got nothing. >> you know what greg? it is what it is. yes. >> gregga log? greg it's sabra, not sabra. >> and everyone would have known that. sabra is a hebrew word for a person born in israel. >> everyone would have known
12:31 am
instantly. >> the people controlling everything we could do? >> yes. >> if i disappear tonight, you know what happened. >> i feel like a bunch of the people would be stoned to death with a bunch of arab autos perhaps. were a lot of them jewish? >> some of them were as we discovered today. the head of the organization is a palestinian, too. >> could you say self hating loud enough? >> self hating. >> very g very good. >> very good. >> he's learning. >> i feel like a bunch of the women in that video were more into chicks than chick food. >> not that there is anything wrong with that. >> just saying. >> yes. >> and so... you said you thought it was great students were so passionate about the subject and there is everyone would be better if they were doing kids are playing these day autos i like the style. >> uk students protest tuition
12:32 am
hikes. you said pro testers attacked a car carrying prince charles and a horse? >> yes. >> shame on you. >> it was carrying camilla and a donkey. >> i apologize. >> you're right. you're ready to generate belief they have the right owe-to-things like education and health care. >> i blame adults as much as students. >> and that is-is people like pat gadel. pat, you've spent 30 years preaching your left wing lunacy to the american people with your amnesty and... >> i know ways trying to be polite to leave that out. i, you know this is all of the fruits of your labor. so congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> sth the out outraged i've ever heard andy. >> i try to contribute
12:33 am
everywhere i can. >> what did you do to him? >> and all you had to do was give him a big old "really?". >> he knows i'm right. >> and props to you for saying you photo shopped your college diploma. >> yes. >> jill if you love college so much why did you graduate in three and a half years? >> kids? stay in school. >> its wasn't a real college. troy state? >> that is a porn star. >> it's troy state. the only prot dwreft was a protest pledging to change the name from toy state to troy university, i lost. >> and like bill, you were stay strong, sister. >> troy is a state of mind. >> oh. >> apparently they're going to raise maximum tuition from 3,000 pounds a year to 9,000 pounds of year. >> they don't say pounds of what. >> 15 pounds is a lot.
12:34 am
>> this is a still affordable by comparison to anything in the united states. am i correct andy? ombudsman? >> i don't have time to look that one up. what is it? $14,000 a year? >> yes. something. >> yes. >> surgeon general says cigarettes suck. 7,000 chemicals in each puff spread through the body. is that not the most amazing invention in the history of man kind? nasa needs to study this stuff. it's amazing. >> yes. it's the best, it can send so many drugs through your system. >> it's great oo. this is a prob le. they don't study. >> like marijuana. and we have to study it you do realize we're on tv right now? >> what about marijuana?
12:35 am
the show is not over, pat. >> i told you i'd give you a bag when the show was over oo. my payoff. >> this is an interesting point. the fact is that it's a great delivering agent for medication. they can study it for parkinsons but don't get money for it 7,000 chemicals, greg. like that in your system. it's amazing. >> yes. >> and that is what i love about it. >> surgeon general says that quote one cigarette or exposure may cause a heart attack. in that case shouldn't secret service tackle every cigarette obama tries to light up? >> that is true. yes. >> and can't understand why terrorist chose portland?
12:36 am
>> frank actually said one word. dude. last week people's republic of portland is what people do call the city. >> and it was because people from berkeley moved up to portland and wanted to live in the -- . >> i'm not interested in the root causes greg. >> yes. portland is about as edgey as a hand ball. >> yes. not as hacky sack 30 years after people started. >> yes. it's like golf frenzy with your brother-in-law. who is an i.t.. >> bik owes me for half a graim. >> that is true. >> fooz ball is coming back. >> in many ways it never left. >> very to go. >> i'm going. >> go.
12:37 am
it's not like i'm holding you back. they've got jitters from being on twitter. they're a bunch of quitters i speak of celebrities like lady gaga and kim kardashian. and they killed themselves on social media meaning stay away from it. until raising $1 million. more long days of going tweet free kardashian and company so frustrated they persuaded a billionaire to give them $500,000 to return to pecking out their pointless like i just ate a box of hot tamales. why did i just do that before bed? how does a world go on for a week without reading crap like that?
12:38 am
we go to our social correspondent. >> and casey you're like the social media expert here. i'm going to say it was for a great cause. they were doing a good deed. but it's backfired and made them feel bad that nobody wants, nobody care noufd bring them back on to pay charities. >> i think kim kardashian and ryan seacrest are dealing with 12-year-olds and 15-year-old, at 12 and 15 have you to go to mom and dad saying can i text to give this $10? and mom and dad don't care what ryan seacrest is saying. >> you cut to the heart of the matter that. is why i hate you. >> she's a baby mutilater.
12:39 am
can you understand frustration? going without twitter for a couple days? >> i saw them cheating here. they're like this cause is important. just tweeting about the cause. what i didn't like is that they had a picture of themselves in a coffin. >> people do die every day. the charity is good. i love the fact people didn't want to bring these people back. >> there is another sign posted on the road to tell is these people running around in coffins and saying well, people get upset. i'm really, get a life. >> speaking of getting a life, bill, you don't have one kim kardashian makes $10,000 a tweet. >> and let's just -- going through oo. think about more to the point. they twont a billionaire. why did they just pay it
12:40 am
themselves? i don't get that. all they had to do is raise it sometimes, you double into something that might be a fact you guys, kim did look pretty hot as a dead chick. you know? you don't have to tell me. you know? >> you did it. did you? >> and for all of the wrong reasons. >> and ain't going anywhere and they don't say no. >> plenty more ahead. you love that, don't you?. >> don't forget to buy my book. the bible of unspeakable truths now at looking at its. it's wonderful. look at it. yellowbook has always been crucial to your business, but now, to get it really cooking, you need a little website development. some transparent reporting, so you know it's working. online ads and 1-on-1 marketing consultation.
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it's a holiday play. and and my apologies based on the live of l. ron hubbard
12:44 am
founder of the church of scientology it includes famous characters but the show has gotten grief from local skyinnologists, one reads the show director translated saying if this was about the muslim state he won't be doing it. my feeling is we'd be doing it. and we must discuss this in our lightning round. >> miss yawn year? quickly. isn't skyin tollingists just an easy target? >> yes. ways busy yawning. >> i know you are. >> when i heard the title of this? i thought tony so i thought i'd be here with a tip. >> and aren't scientologists
12:45 am
right about just about everything. >> i love aliens. and tom cruise is the bomb. i have seen top gun, i'm not that young. so, yeah. >> that is interesting. i think they're right. i think scientology, they've got the director saying he'd make a play with b.muslims? >> no. >> there are only 10,000 sighinists and they don't behealedhead you but they will get you. i'm not going to, i grew up with muslims. and let me tell you. >> and what is your take on this? >> it's easier to go after christian scientologists because there are so many lawyers making up new rules for scientologist buzz if you're going to do it go, do it right. get a program formerly gay snowman recently married to a snow woman. have that be a character. and facebook founder mark
12:46 am
suckerberg pledged to give away most of his wealth to charity. part of the giving pledge organized by bill gates to persuade the world's rich to give more. sounds g but when you've got $30 kbrinl giving away $20 billion? that is nudging. >> excuse me, together they can pledge $250 billion. do you know what? give it to the national debt. they can knock off the international debt fchl giving more they can reduce it by a third. do something worth while. opposed to what they do. >> like more water parks. >> that would be great oo. the world's greatest water park. it would be all grape sewedda. grape soda and chocolate wraps. and grape soda hides blue ink when you pee. >> so true that. is so true. >> oh, my gosh. >> and a water park or the
12:47 am
government? in the mood of the american cancer society or lchz. >> we'd -- . >> and i'm just throwing it out there, greg. >> i'm tired of the stuff, my charity i'm going maim a building. no get rid of the debt. save our children. >> there is a code for a new water park. >> they're making a point. they've done a lot of great thicks for the world. theyhould give to it me. >> it would have been if they would have helped out with celebrities. >> and what about giving every american a share? >> it would be like $1 billion each. >> and this would be the result of social network coming out on dvd. >> net story, i don't have time. a poll found 53% of americans planned to buy holiday gifts for their he pets. dog owners planned to give
12:48 am
more presents than cat owners. you know what? this says something interesting. i won't buy a gift for my pet but doi for friend's pets in loou of buying gifts for my friends. i got toys for rocco oo. perfect. >> and i got my pet a gift. but my pet is scott. a flight attendant. >> i do love to buy my dog food. but would not buy my cat a gift. >> they don't know if they get a gift. >> what i love and there is a majority of people going to church regularly to get a gift. >> what are your owners getting? >> hopefully a chain that doesn't choke me so much. >> and i know that feeling.
12:49 am
and your safe word is tighter, tilter. >> and that is the key. >> got to have them. that how does it feel to get apayway with murder knowing an innocent woman is serving your life term? h she sleeps at night. evil person. and what is this? actors acting? i think i've died and gone to jack ass heaven.
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12:53 am
>> the latest video installment of a series called 14 actors. it's a video gallery of ridiculous crap that. and here are the highlights.
12:54 am
♪ [ music ] . >> does that prove acting is a sham? that anyone can act? >> this is such a rarified bubble they seem doing a talk on the fob? and wait. you're a bad guy. make out with yourself other people goring to look and go how do they do that? how did she pretend to be on the phone? >> that person is yelling? >> that is it. yelling.
12:55 am
>> what do you think, pat? >> makes you appreciate writer autos yes. i like that. >> people left on their own this, is what they do. >> that is why they turned the sound down and turned on the or chess stra. >> i notice have you to interview actors all the time. >> i think is a skill. we've seen bad acting before. there is a difference between good and bad acting i think one that getting most f l.a.x. x james franco for making out with his image in the mirror if that were scarlett johansson, i won't care. >> that would be the only clip of the show. >> yes. >> exactly. >> and is everybody okay with that? we'll do another hour. and we'll have post game wrap up with andy levy. ♪ to see clips of recent shows
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at&t covers 97% of all americans. rethink possible.
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andy lev time to go back to andy levy. >> top story tonight... when is the next -- . >> thank you and they might replay it once or twice. >> and where can people find you these days? >> and i've been happy because discussing nancy pell easeo running around with her head in your hand. no one saying go away. >> that is the best i can do today. >>


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